What we offer

The Bilbrough Country Classroom seeks to prevent students from becoming disaffected and to restore a sense of trust between adults and children. This is done through trying to understand the student and to earn their respect and not command it.

We would like to sum up our work as being that of “Love and limits”. To have students with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties operate within boundaries but also realise that what they do has a sense of purpose and that they achieve many things with us that are worth celebrating, this is achieved through positive re-enforcement and affirmation and offering rewards for effort both curricular and extra curricular.

For older students we seek to prepare them for adult life by helping them gain practical skills as well as helping them with their basic education. As our students have spent large amounts of time excluded from the classroom they often work at well below age expected levels. We seek to help them gain further knowledge and understanding of the core curricular subjects, notably Literacy, Numeracy, GCSE Maths and City & Guilds Land Based Studies. For longer-term students we seek to provide a curriculum that compliments the curriculum they would get in school. However, due to the size of the provision we cannot offer a full P.E curriculum, practical science or elements of the design and technology syllabus.


Those who attend the Bilbrough Country Classroom may also like to take advantage of the fact that we are an accredited City & Guilds foundation both in land based studies and personal development.

The City and Guilds land based studies is a four modular course offering elements in equine, horticulture, construction and small animal care. Individuals can opt for one or more modules depending on the length of the placement and is an ideal course for schools wanting students to have a placement as part of a tailor made educational package.

The City and Guilds Employability and Personal Development module provides a wide range of general vocational units that once again offers schools and students a flexible qualification leading to sound progression options.

Our animals play a vital role here and have a major part to play in any therapeutic work that we seek to undertake. From horses to hamsters, guinea pigs to geese, the animals are very much part of everyday life.

We also offer therapeutic programmes tailored to individual needs utilising all our animals here at the BCC but especially the horses.