PHEW!!! its been so busy!

Hello Peeps
Beansie here, oh boy I am so sorry I haven’t written for such a long time…we has been very busy here and have lots of things to tell you all, Dandy says I have to tell you about his leg but I will get to that later, he was a silly boy! Anyway on with the news, we are hoping to open the village library very shortly and are waiting to see if our lottery application will go ahead! We have all our paws and hooves and fingers crossed that  the peeps at Lottery HQ will say its an amazing idea and say have some money! Dandy is so excited about eating the cakes we will be baking….I say he’s fat enough!

We are a little sad cos we had to say goodbye to George at the end of term, he is starting his new school so if you are reading this Georgey Porgey, its a big up from the Bilbrough Massif! and hope it’s going well.

All the students are working hard on their studies, sometimes I don’t even get any fuzz therapy cos they is working and concentrating so well. In Beanovia we have a saying that those that get on will do well in life and get plenty of treats! Well certainly if the students were in Beanovia right now they would be getting plenty of snackeroonies!

KS4 are doing well with their city and guilds and the bulbs that they planted as part of their horticulture studies are peeping up out of the ground. I can’t wait to smell the flowers when they finally are in bloom!



Ok folks I will be signing off now….what’s that Doodles? Your leg? oh yes silly me….Dandy had to have his leg stitched up last week as he caught it somewhere whilst Sir was taking us for our early morning walk over the fields in the dark. He now has a plastic dish on his head and stitches in his leg. I call him radar! He is a portable walking satellite!

See you all very soon


Beano Sprouts!